Sunday, April 19, 2015

Estee Lauder Pure Color Crystal Lipstick - 391- Elizabeth Pink


     First things first: I think that the Estee Lauder Lipsticks are seriously underrated. This has been one of my first purchases of a high end lipstick and I am still loving it.
     The color below is a peachy pink, it is a cream and does not have shimmer or any glitter in it. They do have other colors that are frosty/shimmery Like Tiramisu. They are a bit pricey ($26) but just look at that packaging. It is stunning! The cap is made of metal. It is quite heavy.
     It is a light to medium coverage. It feels wonderful on my lips and stays moisturized long after I remove it. I find that the moisture and finish of these lipsticks makes my lips look youthful. 

Swatch of Elizabeth Pink

If you have one, what do you think?

XOXO, Raluca

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