Saturday, July 27, 2013

AVON Extra Lasting Lipstick in Ravishing Rose

    What a nice surprise from AVON! This is a gorgeous brick red color that STAYS on  pretty good!
    I put it on around noon after lunch and it lasted until late night. It has a satin finish and very creamy. Smooth application and get this: NOT drying. That is pretty awesome to me! It feels very comfortable too. I think its beautiful and a perfect formulation for a long lasting lipstick.

  The packaging is cute but not something extraordinary. It has a nice sweet scent too. Not candy like, I can't really tell exactly but it is nice and not overpowering.

 It goes for about $10 normally but right now it is on special for $5.99. That is not a bad price for a lipstick like this - if not I would say it is under-priced. I am going to get a few more colors because it is a great everyday lipstick.

I think it is worth giving this a try,

  XOXO Ralu

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Milani HD Advanced Lip Color - 111 Cotton Candy

    This one is a very shimmery/frosty baby pink. The packaging is beautiful and sleek.It reminds me of the Dior Rouge Serum ones. If you look at them, with the distinction that they have different stamp design they are the same. I don't know about the actual products similarities but I am def. going to get one from Dior to see now :-)

      The Milani HD has a nice candy scent. Its not that long lasting though because it is more like a lip butter or balm more than a lipstick but it is moisturizing. I personally really like it. I have purchased three backups because in the summer time it looks very nice on a tanned skin. 

   It goes for about $10 at CVS. I think that they are retiring them though :-( because I found some at the Dollar store and I bought all of them. hehe ... So, look for them there because they are $1!  It looks like Milani has made changes to allot of their products as I discovered recently. I hope they will keep the liquify eyeliner because it is one of my absolute favorites. 

   So if you like shimmery lip balms give this one a try :-) 

   XOXO Ralu

Thursday, July 18, 2013

MARY KAY NouriShine plus lip gloss in Fancy Nancy

  This lip gloss kinda reminds me of Nars super orgasm:-) It is a sheer pink with gold shimmer finish. You can see the gold sparkles inside but it is not gritty in on the lips. It feels light and comfortable. Not greasy at all and NOT STICKY - that is one of my peeves with glosses!!! Also the aloe vera extract is a plus for me It is very, very pretty!


Cute Little lipstick samples from Sephora :-)

 I love it when Sephora has mini lipsticks for the 100 point gift. These are great for travel! Dior Addict Extreme#536, Guerlain Rouge Automatique Coque D'or#120, Urban Decay Jilted, YSL Rouge Pur Couture#09, Givenchy Brun Createur#103, MAKEUP FOREVER Rouge Artist Natural N45


Dior Beige Angelique 314


This is a gorgeous peachy milky nude color that looks so beautiful on any skin tone! Its very creamy and dreamy -:) haha I went back and forth with this one thinking should I keep it, should I not ,but in the end I kept it and now I love IT!

     I bought it and then forgot about it! I re-discovered it last week when I was looking for a nude, to complement a dark smokey eye! Ta-daaaa ! lol I looked at it and said: Oh, what was I thinking ...? Flashback!!! but then when I applied it - IT IS so smooth and so nice I became obsessed with it! YaY what a turn around! lol


CHANEL Rouge COCO Shine in Parfait #74

    Pink with gold shimmer! This is a very sheer lipstick but somehow not colorless like some cheap ones. It will give your lips that youthful look. The color still showed even being sheer! Just perfect for summer! Oh yeah ... smells divine too, to me it's kinda like honey. 


YSL Volupté Sheer Candy, Crystal Color 09 Cool Guava

   This one is a beautiful pink with a lavender touch color. Sheer finish and balm-like texture that nourishes lips  and gives them a subtle shine and color. Smells like candy and it is super moisturizing! Packaging on these is stunning! I have to say I absolutely adore these lip balms from YSL. 


YSL ROUGE VOLUPTÉ - Silky Sensual Radiant Lipstick SPF 15 in color 28 Beaubourg Brown

COLOR -milk chocolate, perfect brown color for a fair skin tone
SCENT - fruity/mango
incredibly creamy/emollient, I have to use a brush because the bullet is very soft. 

FINISH - opaque and glossy, it looks like I have gloss on top with it. It is a perfect finish!
TIME TABLE - it last around 4hr

PACKAGING -  luxe, Gorgeous!
This lipstick is truly a masterpiece, from the color to finish to package. I absolutely love YSL lipsticks! 


Lancome Rouge In Love 6 Hour Wear in color 217M - DELICATE LACE

COLOR - a very discrete brownish neutral. 
SCENT - It has no scent
CONSISTENCY - its very light going on the lips, you can barely tell is there.
FINISH - The letter M next to the number stands for Jolis Matin (morning, day shades - subtle and soft). They all have that precious mother‑of‑pearls in them so they are not matte but not frosty. Its more like a glaze finish with potent color.
TIME TABLE -I would say it did last pretty good around 6h seems accurate.
PRICE - $26 - not too bad for high end.
PACKAGING -  beautiful, so luxurious!


Tom Ford Smoke Red Private Blend Lip Color


COLOR - cool-blue red shade
SCENT - vanilla 
incredibly smooth application
super pigmented semi-matte finish with just a hint of shimmer 

TIME TABLE - usually around 5h
PRICE - $45 
High end alright!
PACKAGING The ivory case is absolutely gorgeous and it's heavy. 

My favorite red lipstick!
It is discontinued but I think you may still be able to find it on eBay.